Sorry for beeing late with today’s post, but I had to enjoy the weather, even if it was cloudy, it really helped me to refill my batteries. Actually I was planning to post an article about starting the bathing season, but as I said before it was cloudy and one of my friends let me down (again), as I wanted to shoot on my daddy’s boat I needed help but yeah, that didn’t work out….. So I had to change my plans for today’s post and now you’re reading something about my flats. For all shoe addicts among you perhaps no problem, but for the others: I’m sorry!
You already know my cat shoes, in this post I wrote about the mouse flats for the first time and in December they were on my wishlist for christmas. They are pretty expensive (they’re about 300€) and I really have to save money at the moment – but still want them so badly – so I was looking around at various online flea markets for a while now, and found a pair in my size for an affordable price and they are simply G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S! Just the point that they got a sling that doesn’t go off my feet makes them adorable, because this is what mostly happens with shoes like that. Do you know this problem? How do you solve it? Simply don’t buy shoes like that?
Don’t have this problem with the shoes below the mice flats (I’m sorry for the cat hair on it, didn’t see it through the camera and now all the light is gone, so it’s too late for some correction photos), maybe my feet are strange, but everytime winter is gone and spring arrived and I put my flats out of the closet, on my feet (maybe got some new ones too), I get blisters everywhere. When I was wearing this beautiful taupe flats with gold attachments it happened again and I just don’t know how to avoid this procedure every year. I need somebody, HELP *sing*, even blistering plasters fail.

What are you girls doing with problems like that???

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